Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why Food?

Not when almost everyone is talking about it.  Not when people are blogging about it.  Not when there are tons of cooking shows and food related programs on TV.  So again.  Why write about food?  Why not.  Everyone's talking, blogging and watching it on TV.  So I am joining the bandwagon?  You could say that.  But I'm writing about food because my experiences and relationships revolve around food, most of the time.

This blog won't be a review corner.  I will try not to scrutinize and nit pick every nook and cranny of a restaurant or food stall I visit.  I will try not to rate the service of the staff.  Neither will I try to challenge my palate into trying to make an intellectual gastronomic evaluation.

I want this blog to more of a food diary of some sort.  My two other blogs are somewhat serious. I intend this to be different.  Lighter,  maybe even entertaining.  So why write about food? Well I might as well feed my mind and write while I savor the scent, sound and taste of all things edible.

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